Holy Redeemer Parish - Pastoral Care Team

Pastoral Care Team - Overview

Pastoral Care is the spiritual and emotional support, encouragement, friendship, and listening ear provided by lay parishioners who assist our pastor in meeting the needs of our congregation. The team will make referrals, when necessary, so that parishioners can locate the assistance needed.

The team is available to all members of Holy Redeemer Parish who feel the need for support and encouragement in times of crisis or transition, sorrow or celebration. The Pastoral Care Team works toward strengthening the spiritual well-being of our congregation by fostering a sense of church family, and of fellowship and belonging. The Pastoral Care Team is here for you.

Join our efforts and make a difference.

Holy Redeemer is a very large parish and because of its size, it can be difficult to get to know and to feel a personal connection to other church members, clergy, and staff. We can unite and do something about that! Each one of us is an integral part of Holy Redeemer Parish. Our church would not be what it is without each one of us. We all lead busy lives but can all be a part of the family in ways big or small. Many of us have moved here from other places and have no immediate family closeby. Yet, we are an integral part of this large family, here, at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church.

Pastoral care is extended to others, already, in many different and small ways. Our Pastoral Care Team would like to be the catalyst to link parishioners together. We would like to be a source of encouragement, and motivation for those who already help neighbours and friends, and for those who wish to begin doing so.

The members of our Pastoral Care Team share a common vision - that, one day, all members of our parish feel a personal connection to our church family; that our church functions as one big family; that everyone here at Holy Redeemer feels the love and support of family, even if theirs is far away. We can ALL be part of a caring community.

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